Zoana Aufenhurst

Master Alchemist

Zoana is summoned to the hidden city of Bethellium to preserve her wisdom and knowledge, She is a powerful alchemist whose knowledge is appreciated by those who know about the subject: with alchemy being a mysterious and powerful type of magic-science that requires hidden knowledge. With a "nerdy" personality and a preference for being left alone, Zoana faces multiple difficulties by moving to a new place, with new friends and a ton of people who constantly thank her for her oath to help others.


Elle Falina

Ancient Shaman

Elle belongs to an old bloodline of druids that know how to speak to the spiritual beings of the world and even can summon them to come to their aid. Elle is usually shy and polite with everyone, but can just as easily prove to be incredibly brave if needed. She moved to the magic city in part to use her secret skills to help others, and also in part to know more about the world she ever only knew through stories and books. Elle is constantly protected by Auri, who calls her "her little doe".


Auri Ferrae

Mystic Blacksmith

Auri's past is shrouded in mystery, as she hardly ever speaks about it to others. Elle, who Auri considers her little sister and with who she spends most of her time, is the only one who seems to know shards of those stories. Aside of that, Auri is known to be a skillful blacksmith and warrior. Presently Auri is part of the city's guard and helps to protect the magic city when need arise. With a strong and extroverted personality, Auri can be a fun company. But sometimes she lets parts of her wounds show through her sardonic view of the world.



Mysterious Bard

Sonette is both an open book and a mystery. Always talkative and friendly with others, she's easy to win people over. But at the same time, nothing is known of her before her arrival to the magic city. Sonette is popular and widely known within the limits of the city because of her beauty, dance skills and singing. She often says she's part of "The three pillars or magic", but nobody knows yet what that means. What people sense is that there's much more to her than what she let's see. Stories are still told, that the night she arrived, nobody was awake, because she played a song that made sleep thousands at the same time, and that she could have killed them, if she wanted to.


Katherine Fiama Roselynn

Sorceress Princess

Katherine Roselynn is the third daughter of the King, and the heir to the throne. She was sent by her father to the magic city to be a representative of the kingdom and to learn useful skills as the next ruler. Katherine took advantage of this to learn all kinds of elemental magic, becoming one of the most well know sorceress in the place. Despite her clear talents, Katherine always feels she's under the shadow of her older sister, previous heir to the throne, who died 20 years ago. Katherine's proud and strict personality has earned her both admiration and hate. And while she tries to do her best at every try, there's still much she need to learn to become the ruler her kingdom needs.