abluedeer September 22, 2023
Thanks to the amazing patrons that made this comic page possibe! XueLang, Iselwyr, shay, Synariel, tj54, TM_wolf, affie-beck-lauder, Airakar, Aztetos, Beryl_Strifeclaw, BlackMoria, Blobage, Brandon Ellis, cristoffer_johansson, Dominic_Schwab, Electricfox777, Fallout_LEO, Kaimori, KieferSkunk, Logan_Storm, Myfurryf8, OmniOtter, Phil_Okeechobee, Pryler, Red_Fox, Reever, Robert Frazer, SOU6900, Strongpaw, Tank_Hamster,RhoJavier, Aigami and <<Arbiter>> Art and story by ABD
Flats by Shana
Script revision by Tsumi
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